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Have your dream wedding on our 110 foot private ocean beach!!! We would love for you to have your special day on our beach, however there are a few rules we must insist on. They are:


  • In prime summer rental weeks, you must rent for the full week (Saturday - To - Saturday).
  • During non-prime, off-season rental weeks, you must rent for a 5 day minimum.
  • You may set up a tent and tables and chairs on the 110 foot private beach.
  • Portable toilet facilities must be rented for guests to use the bathroom, as our septic system cannot handle constant use for a whole day.
  • Caterers must leave the kitchen exactly as clean as they found it and take all trash with them when they leave.
  • No more that 10 people can stay at the home at any one time.
  • A $5000.00 wedding security deposit is mandatory and will be returned within 7 days of check-out, provided there is no damage or rules broken. The $5000.00 wedding security deposit is in lieu of the standard $3500.00 security deposit for traditional rentals, NOT in addition to the $3500.00 deposit.
  • Wedding guests not among the people staying at the house are not to enter the home under any circumstances.
  • All parked cars must be on left side of the driveway.
  • The homeowner will provide a liason on hand for the day of the wedding to facilitate the caterers use of the kitchen and to ensure no rules are broken. There will be a $500 cost to the renter for this mandatory service.
  • A separate wedding form must be signed along with the standard vacation lease form.
  • You are responsible for hiring all of your own vendors (caterers, DJ, cake, flowers, tent, tables and chairs, photographer, portable toilets, etc.). We are simply providing the venue, everything else is your responsibility.
  • No equipment (tent, tables, chairs, portable toilets, etc.) may be delivered before your check-in date and no equipment may remain past your check-out date.
  • At check-out, the property (home, yard and beach) must be returned to exactly how you found it when you checked-in.
  • If any rules are broken, the renter will lose the full security deposit.


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